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How Much Do You Charge To Hang Wallpaper?

It depends,of course. Most professional paperhangers will charge between $250-$350 per day. I don't know of anyone locally who charges by the roll as in the old days. I am somewhere in the middle of that price range for most jobs-but not all. Sometmes, actually alot of times, I get a call to hang an accent wall or small bath etc. and when I tell them my price, they say " I'll get back with you". Yeah, right. Most of my clientel doesn't have a problem paying my price because they have done this before and knows what it costs to get a pro to do their job. I understand those who are surprised of the labor cost. It's not cheap. Once a lady said to me-"damn, that's more than I make in a day"!
During a local meeting of paperhangers, a buddy told us, " I wish I had that magic number", but we don't. People have budgets and we have to pay bills too. Unlike the lady above, we have to pay our own insurance, gas, supplies,etc.. and we lose days because someone has to pick up their mother at the airport or the painters haven't finished because they are hung-over..yada-yada! I happens ALOT!! So every day I lose to these things, my daily average goes down (as well as my golf handicap..lol)
We want your business, but please remember, we are proffesional, skilled craftsmen and women. :-)
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