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Welcome Autumn

After a busy summer, I've just returned from my wonderful vacation to Maine to what looks to be a- just as busy fall. I was reading a local magazine today while having my truck serviced, and an article authored by an interior designer explained just how much she and other designers are using wallpaper as opposed to faux painting. Styles and compositions are available now that just don't even resemble your mom's old wallpaper. I'm gearing up for a busy rush to Christmas. Please call or e-mail me for a quote on new wallpaper installation!  

Hurry Up Cool Weather

Kids are back in school, summer vacations are over, and I'm still staying busy. I will take a short vacation later this month to visit an ol' army buddy in Maine. We were in the same unit in Germany in 82-83. I have never been to New England and am really excited to see him and his family, and to see the New England fall foliage. Oh, and eat the local lobster!!

Damaged Paper During Shipment

  I got an e-mail from a client last night to say he thinks the powder room paper was damaged during shipping, but wasn't sure. My designer also e-mailed to see if I could go over to take a look. I told her "once a customer see's something like that, they fixate on it. She was in full agreement, and had the paper shipped back for re-order. Maybe if I saw the paper first, I could have made a "go" or "no go" decision. Years of experience has told me to always ship it back if there is a question.

Hot Summer

This summer has been fast and furious! I have been so busy, I've only played golf twice!! Wallpaper is definitely back and it's been proven. My association with the National Guild Of Professional Paperhangers has been a boon to my business. I have installed $120 per yd. glass beads to metallic cork to commercial vinyl to "you-name-it" Hopefully I will visit an 'ol army buddy in Maine in October. It's been 30 yrs. and he contacted me recently thanks to my blog. Never been to New England...see ya' soon!!

Busy Summer!!

It's been a hot, busy summer hanging wallpaper in Houston. Although I reside in Sugar Land, I've been all over the area creating beautiful walls for my clients. I'm hanging murals, Brunschwig and Fils, glass bead, commercial vinyl, a bunch of Thibaut, and much more. Hope the business continues to come in! Hope y'all are enjoying your summer!!

Brunschwig & Fils

Just finished a beautifull Brunschwig & Fils in West University. It was a red Cathay Toile. The thing that makes this particular install noteworthy was, it was pre-trimmed! I have hung alot of this expensive, designer paper, but have always have to trim the selvage edge. Love it !!

What Is A Bid, And What Is An Estimate

Usually, when I get a call from a potential client, they are calling for an estimate. These people I usually categorize as warm or hot prospects. If they don't tell me up front, I ask, where they got my name from? Their answer tells me alot. If they got my name from a past client, I feel like I have a good shot at getting the job. I come out to the job and give an estimation of my labor cost and the rolls needed to complete the job. Almost always, things work out according to my estimate.

On the other hand, if a potential client states that he, or she, is taking bids for a particular job, all red flags go up because I don't compete with other paperhangers on price. I always feel like I'm doing a "dummy bid". I will do dummy bids, but at a cost. Expect alot of questions from me. My time and cost of gas prohibits me from running around town just to satisfy somebody's curiosity. If my name and reputation aren't enough, then I bow out. Of course, this happens alot, but,  I am not aware they are taking bids. I do get alot of these jobs. Just the nature of business. Fair. Just don't tell me your taking bids FYI..lol 
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